The other day I told a friend of mine about the cool name of this blog. Now my friend is a very smart guy, but I found it necessary to explain the joke, which by definition means it’s not a good joke, a classic case of what my friend Mike would call Searlian humor, which is a nice way of saying “attempt at humor.” Mike also knows my (much older) brother Sheldon. The true test of Searlian humor is this: Sheldon and I are laughing, and everyone else is not.
The reason this happens, of course, is that Searles are a rare class of genius (ask anyone), so our jokes are super-sophisticated. Anyway, I’m pretty sure Sheldon would get this joke.

Here’s a picture of Ockham…

…now you’re laughing. No, “Shaving with Ockham” is not a reference to his hairstyle.