Welcome to Augsburg


Sunday, July 22

We worked hard to stay awake as long as possible yesterday. We arrived at about ten in the morning—3 AM, Nashville time. After driving from Munich to Augsburg, we spent some time at the Miller’s house trying to lay out some details for our shooting schedule as best we could in our sleep-deprived state. A young woman from the Miller’s church is letting us use her apartment, so we headed over there at about 5 pm. We finally crashed around six o’clock. It’ll take one more night’s sleep to get fully adjusted to the German time zone.

The Church, Bibelgemeinde Augsburg (The Bible Assembly of Augsburg), meets in a few upstairs rooms in a commercial building on Ulmer Strasse, a great location because a stoplight causes traffic to stop right where the Church’s sign can be easily spotted.

About 30 people gather at Bibelgemeinde Augsburg each Sunday for a simple service of singing, prayer, and preaching. For me, it was reminiscent of a small Plymouth brethren assembly I occasionally attended in college. That connection was probably reinforced by the fact that this was communion Sunday, and the bread and wine were taken before the preaching. One verse of “Let Us Break Bread Together” was sung, then a scripture read, then a prayer, and then the bread was served. This same process was repeated for the wine, and then the third verse of the song concluded the communion. I’m sure it didn’t strike the other members of our team this way, but the folksiness of the whole thing transported me back to the late 1970s.

By the end of the service, the room was getting quite stuffy. The weather outside was very pleasant—about like Seattle this time of year—temp in the mid-70s. Air conditioning is pretty much unknown and unnecessary here, but the windows were barely cracked on one side of the meeting room. The Millers tell us that Germans really don’t like any kind of “draft” indoors, and actually prefer warm and still air. Fresh air is for outdoor use.

It’s fun watching Terry preach in German. Though I didn’t understand a thing he said, he has all the same mannerisms and expressions and gestures that he uses when preaching in the States.

After church and after lunch, we took a short walk-around tour of downtown Augsburg to scout some of the sites we’ll need to shoot for the video project. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I took lots of photos of the architecture. Here are a few samples.



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