There’s not a lot to report over the last two days. Terry and Jeff & Kristy got up real early on Saturday to get to the airport, which is an hour away, for a 7 am flight. We heard from Jeff & Kristy yesterday that they had some fun times on the way home with a big delay in Detroit, and they didn’t get home til after 9 Saturday night (they were supposed to arrive at 4).

Saturday and Sunday were mostly used for resting up here, but Andrew did a fair amount of taping at Church, and recorded several interviews with Church members after the service. This Sunday, Terry did not preach, but gave one of the men in the Church his first opportunity to bring the word. He did an overview of the story of Esther, and Terry says he shows potential. The Church is now at the stage where Terry will move more into a consulting role to the other leaders, especially when he returns from furlough early next year.

Kelly Webster requested some photos of our faces, so here’s a quick one.