plandoc1.jpgThursday, August 2

The big task for me today was to meet with Terry to discuss the possibility and purposes of bringing a CBC short term team to Germany next summer. We’ve laid out a six point planning process for our short term projects that includes Purpose, Place, Participants, Preparation, Project and Post-game (now there’s some fancy alliteration). As Terry & I went through the CBC short term project development document, we were able to make a good start on the plan for next year’s project.

One of the coolest features of what we came up with is that it will most likely include some time in an eastern European country as well as here in Germany. But I have to be careful not to give away too much before we’re ready to announce the project officially. For those of you who might be interested in participating, we have narrowed the dates down to sometime in June or late May. Also, you may want to know that it will be a two week project. We plan to announce the project and make info/application packs available at the missions conference in October.

train1.jpgWhile I was meeting with Terry, Andrew made one last trip into Augsburg to collect various shots of things around town. This time, he took the train, which he could catch at a station just around the corner from the Miller’s house. As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve gotten most of the footage we need. Andrew will pick up a couple more shots tomorrow of the Millers around the house and that sort of thing. Then the hard train2.jpgwork begins when we get back home, and he has to sort through and arrange and edit about 17 or 18 hours of video into a 10 or 15 minute presentation to be ready in time for the missions conference and for the Millers to use while on furlough this fall. Pray for Andrew as he works on this task.

– – –


Friday, August 3

Well it’s our last day here in Germany. Tomorrow morning, we will leave Augsburg at about 4 am to catch a 7 am plane in Munich. So we’re not doing much today except getting ready to leave. This morning, we took back the lighting equipment and microphones we borrowed last week and vacuumed out the car we’ve been using–graciously loaned to us by a local church member. Later on, we’ll spend some time at Paul & Aisha’s house so Andrew can get a little footage of the Miller’s family life in another setting. Then we’ll be packing and hitting the sack–maybe a little early–to be ready to head home tomorrow.

We appreciate everyone’s prayers. It looks as though the Lord has enabled us to accomplish everything we set out to do here in Augsburg, including getting a lot done on the plan for next time.