baptism-03-web.jpg Dr. Stack writes:
30 September 2007
When was the last time you did anything for the first time?

When was the last time you observed a baptism in an eastern bathroom? My narrow-minded Western Christian world view initially thought “that’s not the way we do it, so their way must be wrong.”  How often have we said to our children “grow up” when they display acts of foolishness and self-centeredness? “Grow up” often implies that our child should not look at a situation where everything centers around them, but rather from the perspective of others. American Christians often think they must be closest to God and are in His “favor” because we have the best life-style, greatest intellect, and the most freedom. This incorrect thinking has led some people to think of America as a “Christian Country” or worse, to think they are assured salvation because they are materially “blessed.”


I also had the opportunity to watch a Muslim man ask for prayer from a group of Bengali believers during a small gathering. This came shortly after a lively discussion over discrepancies between the practice of the Muslim faith and the Koran. Believers that are former Muslims, frequently know the Koran much better than most Muslims as they have had to work out their new beliefs as a Christian from their beliefs as a Muslim.


Bengali take-out (rice, curry, chicken, vegetables in a take-out box). The final “first time” of the day.