bangladesh-c076-web.jpgStephanie writes:

Friday, September 28

Today, the ladies helped with a children’s program. A lovely young lady named ——- told the children several Bible stories. She also led them in worship songs. Even though we couldn’t understand the words, we knew when they sang “The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock” because of the hand motions. It was a delight to see the joy on their faces and to hear their sweet voices praising the Lord.

stephanie016web.jpgAfter stories and singing we gave them coloring pages with verses and pictures. Bengali children love to color because it is a rare treat for them. To help them learn the verses, we played a VBS game. They divided into boy and girl teams, tossed a koosh ball into a basket and pulled out a word from the verse. Both times, the girls were the first to get their verse in order. They all had a blast playing the game.

stephanie026-web.jpgTo encourage them to learn the verses we told them they could have a piece of candy from my treat bag if they would recite the verse. The children stood around the edges of the room quietly saying their verses over and over to learn them. Older children helped the younger children. Even the shyest, quietest children said their verses loudly and clearly and then got candy out of the bag with a big grin on their faces. We even had a few dads say the verses so they could have a piece of candy.

When the program concluded we enjoyed the Bengali version of fast food called box lunches. Everyone gets a small cardboard box with rice, curried vegetables, spicy chicken, a slice of lime and three cucumber slices. We ate with our hands (except me!) while seated on straw mats on the floor.