Bonaire Scenery

Here are a few photos I took on my two visits to Bonaire in the Southern Caribbean. The underwater photos were taken by Lynne Bentsen. Click here to view the whole album.


2 Replies to “Bonaire Scenery”

  1. beautiful pictures of bonaire. I may be able to add to your collection if you like. I hope you liked your visit to bonaire.

    I’ve lived here for two years already. And is ready to go back to TN.

    Anyway, I love to hear more about your adventure in Bonaire. Before I leave bonaire in December, I plan to do a grand island tour of the island. I hope you come to my website and check it out.

    Oh i found your website by searching for bonaire to see if anyone was writing about it. To my amazement alot of people are writing about it. So I am connecting to as many people as I can see if they have the same common interests.

  2. I would like more information on short term missions in Bonaire. I am part of the World Wide Christian scuba divers org. and we would like to include diving with missions.
    Bill barington

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