People have been asking me this a lot lately. Even though I left my job as Director of Administration at Community Bible Church in January, I’ve been as busy as ever. Here are a few of the things I’ve been doing.

  • I’ve been going through the application process to the Ph.D. program in Higher Education at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. This involved preparing for an exam which I took in the middle of May. I’ve now received word that I’ve been accepted into the program, which will start this fall.
  • In April, I spent a week in Bonaire, where CBC supports the ministry of International Bible Church. Larry Stack, Jared Rankin, and I were there to propose a new program of leadership support and development to be provided by CBC. Our proposal was enthusiastically received. This is a strategic opportunity to establish a permanent gospel-centered local church on this tiny island.
  • One of the results of that was a plan for another trip, which will happen July 10-17. Jomi Holt, Rick Filer, and myself will be presenting a seminar in Bible Study Methods for potential leaders at IBC. So we’ve been working on developing our plan for that seminar. I’ll be returning to Bonaire in August to fill the pulpit at IBC so their pastor Totoram Baran can take a break. We’ll also be working on plans for a series of outreach meetings in October.
  • I’m still teaching every Sunday. We’re working our way through Hebrews. You can listen to recordings of this class right here on my blog.
  • I’m also preparing a series of talks to be delivered at Skillman Bible Church’s annual retreat in Westcliffe, Colorado, July 19-24. My friend and colleague Jon Kever is the pastor at Skillman, which is in Dallas.
  • This week, I’ve added another project to my list. Byron (my pastor for those who don’t know him) has asked me to start working on developing our higher education program at CBC, with an eye to getting started this fall.

I would really appreciate your prayers for these endeavors. Unless God provides, none of this will happen.

CBC has established funds for financial support for my education and for our Bonaire projects. If you can help with either of these, CLICK HERE for more information.