Bonaire Powerhouse

Here in Bonaire, a small band of missionaries operate an extremely significant ministry. From this tiny island, they proclaim the good news of God’s grace in Christ to millions of people all over the western hemisphere on a daily basis. They take the gospel into nations whose governments are hostile to the faith. They train pastors in remote villages. Churches are born where the Bible is taught and the gospel is preached. The ministry is called TWR (or Trans World Radio).

All of these missionaries attend International Bible Church, and I want to invite everyone to pray for their ministry. TWR Bonaire has embarked on an ambitious project to boost their AM radio signal from Bonaire to as much as 500 megawatts. This transmitter upgrade will extend their reach into Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, the Yucatan, and all of the Caribbean. If you care about the advance of the gospel, you’ll want to take a look at this video.


twr-button Maybe you’d like to help by making a donation to the Bonaire Transmitter Upgrade Project. This button will take you to TWR’s webpage with project information and a way to give online.

cubansThis button goes to a TWR blog post about Cubans who listen to the broadcast from Bonaire.




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