I ASK FOR YOUR PRAYERS for the Bonairean government’s approval of an expansion of our land lease, so that we can construct additional classroom space. This new space will seriously enhance our ability to advance the gospel here in Bonaire, especially among families with children.

Last December, the government land office reserved land adjacent to the church; they would consider granting us a long term lease on that land if we met several important conditions. Essentially, they required us to develop a plan for the building and demonstrate that we have the resources to construct it. Wednesday, I delivered a packet of documents to the government of Bonaire. We believe that packet of documents shows that we have met these requirements.

So the ball is now in the government’s court. PLEASE PRAY that International Bible Church will “find favor in the eyes of the king” so that the government of Bonaire will grant us this lease. I cannot tell you how persuaded I am that this will not happen if God doesn’t work in the hearts of the government officials involved in the decision.

ALSO PRAY that the Lord will provide wisdom (perhaps embodied in a person with contracting skills) for the management of the construction process itself.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it.” We don’t want to find out what we can do; we want to see what God will do with us.

Please join us in seeking his direction and provision in this project for the gospel.

Here are some drawings illustrating what we hope to build.